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Internal gold fiducials are necessary for tracking the translational and rotational movements of target lesions during stereotactic radiosurgery. The fiducials are generally placed under image guidance in and around the lesions by interventional radiologists. Specific challenges are encountered during the procedure. This article discusses the basic(More)
Various body measurements are of value in judging the quantity characteristics of meat and also are helpful in developing of suitable selection criteria (Islam et al. 1991). Body measurements supplemented to body weight describes more completely an individual or population than do the conventional methods of weighing and grading. These body measurements(More)
Maize streak geminivirus (MSV) is a single-stranded DNA virus that infects cereals and other grasses. A promoter region incorporating the MSV large intergenic region and movement protein gene sequence was ligated to the gus (beta-glucuronidase) reporter gene which replaced the virus coat protein (CP) gene. The CP promoter activity was analysed in transgenic(More)
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