Sudhagar Mani

Lee Lynd1
Mark Laser1
David Bransby1
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Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) is a promising cellulosic biomass feedstock for biorefi neries and biofuel production. This paper reviews current and future potential technologies for production, harvest, storage, and transportation of switchgrass. Our analysis indicates that for a yield of 10 Mg ha –1 , the current cost of producing switch-grass (after(More)
A consistent, reliable and low cost biomass supply chain is crucial for a sustainable biorefinery. Spatial and temporal variations in biomass yield, weather risk, transport network, machine capacity significantly impacts logistics cost and supply chain performances. The objectives of the study are to develop a sustainable biomass supply chain modeling(More)
Densification of switchgrass into consistent and high-density solid feedstock will reduce the cost of transport, handling, and storage to produce fuels and chemicals. Development a novel, low-cost densification technology is critical for reducing the delivered cost of feedstock while improving the bulk flow properties of densified products. In this paper, a(More)
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