Sudhabindu Ray

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Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a special kind of ad-hoc network consists of battery powered low cost sensor nodes with limited computation and communication capabilities deployed densely in a target area. Clustering in WSN plays an important role because of its inherent energy saving capability and suitability for highly scalable network. This paper is an(More)
—Electromagnetic wave absorption inside a human body is investigated. The human body has been modeled using 3D voxel based dataset considering different electrical parameters. At GSM 900 band, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) induced inside the human body model exposed to a radiating base station antenna (BSA) has been calculated for multiple number of(More)
Analysis of BPSK homodyne receivers based on modified dither optical phase-locked loop, " Optik-Int. Optical microwave generation using modified sideband injection synchronization with wide line-width lasers for broadband communications, " Optik-Int. Analysis of BPSK homodyne receivers based on modified balanced optical phase-locked loop in the presence of(More)
In this work design and optimization of EBG structure having multiple dielectric posts uniformly placed inside a rectangular waveguide is done to extract filter responses. Frequency response of BPF configuration using trained ANN model of multipost rectangular waveguide are studied and optimized using GA. The geometrical and positional dimension of post(More)
The mobile ad hoc networks have gained immense popularity in the current decade due their less costly and rapid deployability, inherent support for mobility and the potential to provide ad hoc connectivity to devices. Routing in mobile ad hoc network is considered as a challenging task due to the drastic and unpredictable changes in the network topology(More)
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