Sudha Senthilkumar

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Zero-crossing rate (ZCR) is one of the most important acoustic feature that has been widely used in voice activity detection, voiced/unvoiced speech classification, music/speech classification image processing, optics, biomedical engineering, radar and fluid mechanics. The conventional time-domain ZCR measurement is sensitive to nonstationary noise. In this(More)
The aim of study of this paper is design and implementation of a simple and efficient soft switched Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for three-phase induction motor drives. Soft-switching techniques have gained popularity in recent times because they offer many advantages over hard-switched Pulse Width Modulated inverters such as higher efficiency, higher power(More)
With the continuous development of faster and cheaper microprocessors the field of applications for digital control is constantly expanding. In this paper, Digital PWM Pulse Delay multiple output dc-dc converters are presented. The main objective of this paper is to regulate the all the outputs with reduced control signals and without post regulation.(More)
Cloud computing is recently developed internet based computing paradigm where ranges of services such as data storage, applications deployment, servers, etc. are delivered over the internet. On the basis of response, cloud allocates the services through internet. The important feature of quality of service in cloud computing is secured way of protecting(More)
Natural hazards like earthquakes, landslides, tsunami etc. cannot stop. So the only way to reduce the possible damages is the prediction mechanism. The key issues to reduce the possible damages are an accountable disaster prediction and the appropriate forewarned times. Every year, landslides and mudslides are serious geological hazards affecting people,(More)
Waste management plays a vital role in the reuse of industry wastes in to useful conversions. The treatment of effluents from the combined textile effluent treatment plant and hypo sludge from the paper industry results in sludge generation which poses a huge challenge for its disposal. Therefore, an eco friendly attempt is made to utilize them in the(More)
This paper provides the analysis of Multicell converter at different levels which decreases the THD with increase in levels. This topology called SMC (Stacked Multicell Converter) consists of a hybrid association of commutation cell making possible to share the voltage constraint on several switches, and also to improve the output waveforms of the converter(More)
This paper describes the hitherto unreported aspects of orchid mycorrhizae. The host cells harbour upto 4 generations of fungal pelotons which are formed after each peloton is digested. There are two types of hyphae in a host cell, one forming the pelotons, and the other which lies close to the host cell wall and separated from the former by a callosic(More)
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