Sudha S. Reese

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Broadband active sonars (15-150 kHz) capture morphological characteristics of underwater objects and are used by dolphins to recognize targets in cluttered environments, motivating their use in underwater mine countermeasure applications. However, the data from broadband sonars is very high-dimensional (typically 1400), requiring classification algorithms(More)
Harmonic signals are often produced by man-made sources. Their detection has traditionally been accomplished by using Fourier methods. An alternative approach that uses a maximum likelihood function is presented in this paper. The power of this approach comes from modelling the received signal as a family of harmonic signals. This effectively reduces the(More)
A contact depth recognition technique has been developed which uses the multipath structure of a point target echo and hence the channel structure as a discriminator. The technique uses a template matching approach of predicted multipath structure. Multipath structure is predicted using the Comprehensive Acoustic Sonar Simulator (CASS) model. Inputs to the(More)
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