Sudha Girish Menon

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BACKGROUND Coronary artery disease occurs in an accelerated fashion in the donor heart after heart transplantation (TxCAD), but the cause is poorly understood. The risk of developing TxCAD is increased by cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and decreased by use of calcium blockers. Our group observed that prophylactic administration of ganciclovir early after(More)
Cavernous carotid aneurysms (CCA) pose considerable dilemmas in management. It is still unclear as to whether an asymptomatic CCA should be subjected to treatment. Similarly, the ideal management strategy for a symptomatic aneurysm is controversial. We present the case of a 60-year-old female with a giant CCA and discuss the management issues.
A 2 years male child was born at term after normal pregnancy, immunized upto date and was admitted to the hospital with complaints of fever, cough and respiratory distress of 2-3 months. After admission he had one attack of generalized tonic convulsions. As the respiratory distress increased he needed ventilatory support which was taken off after 5 hours.(More)
Pilocytic astrocytoma is a low grade glioma that affects mostly children and young adults and can occur anywhere in the central nervous system. Pilocytic astrocytoma of the optic nerve is an equally indolent subtype that is often associated with Neurofibromatosis Type I (NFI). A 40-year-old male presented with left sided axial proptosis and exposure(More)
1 Additional Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Government Medical College Trivandrum, Kerala, South India 2 Msc Nursing Student, Government Nursing College, Trivandrum Corresponding Author Dr Sudha Menon Email: ABSTRACT Neonatal jaundice a common condition which affects about 60-80% of newborn and if severe can lead(More)
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