Sudeshna Samanta

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: Low-frequency flicker noise has been measured in a metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) device made from a single strand of a single crystalline Si nanowire (diameter approximately 50 nm). Measurement was done with an alternating current (ac) excitation for the noise measurement superimposed with direct current (dc) bias that can be controlled independently.(More)
In this paper we report very low-frequency (0.1 mHz-1.0 Hz) resistance fluctuation (noise) in Nickel nanowires of diameter 20 nm in the temperature range 77 K-300 K. The wires are one-dimensional magnetic systems since the diameter is less than the domain wall width. We found a clear signature of deviation of the spectral power from 1/f noise at low(More)
We report investigation of optical response in a single strand of a branched carbon nanotube (CNT), a Y-junction CNT composed of multiwalled CNTs. The experiment was performed by connecting a pair of branches while grounding the remaining one. Of the three branch combinations, only one combination is optically active which also shows a nonlinear(More)
We measured the low frequency (10mHz < f < 10Hz) resistance fluctuations (Noise) in single crystalline ferromagnetic Ni nanowires (diameter ∼ 35nm) in the temperature range 80K-300K. The noise spectral power shows 1/f dependence. The nanowires in an applied magnetic field show negative magetoresistance that saturates for H ≤ HC . The noise spectral power(More)
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