Sudesh Kumar Kashyap

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Steel wire ropes are extensively used for haulage purposes in mine winders and aerial ropeway carrying/haulage/track ropes for transportation of passengers and play a vital role in these installation. Structural integrity of these wire ropes is to be monitored to safe guard human lives. Regular periodic non-destructive investigation right from the date of(More)
This paper provides research and development carried out to apply fuzzy logic system (type 1 and type 2) of image fusion. It covers fuzzy logic operator/operations in context of image fusion. Color and infrared images obtained from Enhanced Vision System prototype are utilized for the study. The fused image is evaluated for various design cases for fuzzy(More)
This paper proposes a new frame-by-frame averaging based steganalysis method. The test frame is passed through two low-pass filters simultaneously and the difference of the filter outputs is tested for Gaussianity. Experimental results on antipodal watermarked videos show performance comparable to that of the Wiener filter based steganalysis.
A 3-model interacting multiple model extended Kalman filter with constant velocity, constant acceleration and constant turn models (IMMEKF-VAT) is proposed for tracking a maneuvering target undergoing acceleration as well as turn maneuvers in the Cartesian z x − plane. Its performance is compared with 2-model IMMEKF-VA. Performance comparison indicates that(More)
In modern air combat operations, the mental workload for fighter pilots is extremely high. The pilot has to make fast dynamic decisions under high uncertainty and high time pressure. This is hard to perform in Within Visual Range (WVR) combat operations, but becomes even harder in Beyond Visual Range (BVR) combat operations where the on-board sensors of(More)
The effects of noise and heat on the efficiency of human performance of psychomotor tasks at variable difficulty levels were investigated. Twenty four young, healthy volunteers with normal hearing, randomly divided into 4 equal sized groups, were tested in a climatic chamber under 4 combinations of two environmental conditions made up of noise and heat,(More)
This paper analyses the velocity estimation of a target, from the Doppler filter using 1) Kalman filter 2) Adaptive Kalman filter 3) Kalman filter with state vector fusion 4) Adaptive Kalman filter with state vector fusion 5) State vector fused adaptive Kalman filter. Simulation through MATLAB gave good response for 4th and 5th algorithms under low signal(More)
The National Civil Aircraft (NCA) being developed at National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) is expected to have the capability of operation from airports with minimal infrastructure and instrumentation facility under all-weather conditions. The key enabling technology for this is an Integrated Enhanced and Synthetic Vision System (IESVS), which is a(More)
Seeker filter is an important subsystem in modern homing guidance system of advanced intercepting missiles. Seeker filter design for homing guidance requirements are highly demanding and challenging. Very low filter lag, high noise attenuation are some of the challenges that need to be addressed. This paper presents an interacting multiple model augmented(More)