Suddhasil De

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Tuple Space based Mobile Middleware (TSMM) is developed to tackle emerging dynamics in underlying infrastructure. Its coordination medium, viz. tuple space model, has multiple inherent decoupled behaviors to coordinate interactions between different agents of supported applications. This paper focuses on one such decoupling quality, synchronization(More)
In this paper, we propose an application layer based modified weight-throwing protocol for the distributed termination detection problem in a purely mobile distributed environment with no static hosts. The mobile hosts are considered with limited functionality. We discuss the effect of mobility on the proposed algorithm and analyze it.
Heterogeneous Wireless Mesh Networks (HetMesh) is a promising high throughput technology for multi-hop data forwarding by mobile clients and backbone routers in a dynamic environment. HetMesh supports Wifi-Direct facility and other separate access technologies in its mobile clients, which makes the selection of a suitable next hop forwarder for data(More)
Mobile Cloud Computing widens the service of existing facility of cloud computing paradigm to user applications executing in mobile/portable devices, called mobile applications. It enables existing cloud services to serve these applications, thereby helps to overcome the inherent limitations of mobile$/$portable devices. However, the use of cloud services(More)
Mobile Cloud Computing architecture provides the services of cloud computing to the mobile applications executing in users' mobile/portable devices. By facilitating these applications with the cloud services, it helps to overcome the inherent limitations of mobile/portable devices that are faced by their mobile applications. However, the cloud services in(More)
Mobile cloud computing extends the existing facility of cloud computing paradigm to different mobile applications executing in mobile/portable devices of end users. It caters these applications with the support of existing cloud services, thereby helping them to overcome the inherent limitations of mobile/portable devices. However, existing cloud services(More)