Suddha Basu

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Animators today have started using motion captured (mocap) sequences to drive characters. Mocap allows rapid acquisition of highly realistic animation data. Consequently animators have at their disposal an enormous amount of mocap sequences which ironically has created a new retrieval problem. Thus, while working with mocap databases, an animator often(More)
Soil aggregation varies according to climatic and management factors, and is difficult to measure because of irregular shapes and sizes of soil aggregates. We applied fractal theory to assess soil aggregation as affected by (1) land use change from forest to savanna, (2) nutrient additions in forest, ecotone, and savanna ecosystems, and (3) tillage practice(More)
Finding cluster head (CH) is an important issue in WSN. A new optimization algorithm Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA) has been introduced recently, inspired by socio-political process of imperialistic competition. We use ICA for CH selection according to the communication energy (CE) cost. We demonstrate that ICA is an effective method for selection(More)
This paper discusses a geometric and optical model for realistic realistic of plant leaves. We have used a model for deformable thin shells to represent the naturally curved shape of leaves and its dynamic reponse to impulse, shear and stress. The optical model uses a simple BRDF function , combined with a transparency map for each leaf. We show that we are(More)
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