Sudarshan Rangarajan

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Most coreference resolution models determine if two mentions are coreferent using a single function over a set of constraints or features. This approach can lead to incorrect decisions as lower precision features often overwhelm the smaller number of high precision ones. To overcome this problem, we propose a simple coreference architecture based on a sieve(More)
Effective Coreference Resolution is a must-have utility within many NLP pipelines. Machine translation, Text summarization, Parsing, Question answering are just a few NLP applications where such a utility provides the necessary confidence towards any decision of and within the system. In this project, we have implemented and investigated numerous(More)
Social networks have become a vital component in personal life. People are addicted to social network features, updating their profile page and collaborating virtually with other members have become daily routines. Social networks contain massive collection of data. Web data mining is a new trend in the current research body. This conceptual paper(More)
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