Sudarshan Nandy

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Back-propagation algorithm is one of the most widely used and popular techniques to optimize the feed forward neural network training. Nature inspired meta-heuristic algorithms also provide derivative-free solution to optimize complex problem. Artificial bee colony algorithm is a nature inspired meta-heuristic algorithm, mimicking the foraging or food(More)
Optimization algorithms are normally influenced by meta-heuristic approach. In recent years several hybrid methods for optimization are developed to find out a better solution. The proposed work using meta-heuristic Nature Inspired algorithm is applied with back-propagation method to train a feed-forward neural network. Firefly algorithm is a nature(More)
The present work deals with an improved back-propagation algorithm based on Gauss-Newton numerical optimization method for fast convergence. The steepest descent method is used for the back-propagation. The algorithm is tested using various datasets and compared with the steepest descent back-propagation algorithm. In the system, optimization is carried out(More)
Nature Inspired meta-heuristic algorithms are one of the most efficient solution to many engineering optimization problems. The Firefly algorithm is one of the nature inspired solution. The objective of the proposed work is of two folds. In the first fold the firefly algorithm is applied to the back-propagation training phase to optimize the overall(More)
The up-to-date web-world has become more complex in size and information relating to various aspects within its sphere. The human being is now in a cultural habit of searching the web for information. Search engine is also one of the techniques which helps the human empirical nature. Crawling is a procedure through which search engine crawls the web, and(More)
The Web has grown in leaps and bounce in the last decade. The size of the Web has become so large that it has become very difficult to find out the necessary information from the Web. Search engines help us in our quest of finding the required information on the Web. These search engines over the years have also developed themselves in a grand manner. With(More)
The growth of worldwide web (WWW) spreads its wings from an intangible quantities of web-pages to a gigantic hub of web information which gradually increases the complexity of crawling process in a search engine. A search engine handles a lot of queries from various parts of this world, and the answers of it solely depend on the knowledge that it gathers by(More)
We are stepping frontward for an epoch of zeta bytes from Giga/Tera/Peta/Exa bytes in this era of computer science. The data storage in clouds is not the only preference as big data technology is obtainable for processing of both structured and unstructured data. Today a colossal sum of data is engendered by mobile phones (Smartphone) of both the(More)
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