Sudarshan Nandy

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Back-propagation algorithm is one of the most widely used and popular techniques to optimize the feed forward neural network training. Nature inspired meta-heuristic algorithms also provide derivative-free solution to optimize complex problem. Artificial bee colony algorithm is a nature inspired meta-heuristic algorithm, mimicking the foraging or food(More)
Optimization algorithms are normally influenced by meta-heuristic approach. In recent years several hybrid methods for optimization are developed to find out a better solution. The proposed work using meta-heuristic Nature Inspired algorithm is applied with back-propagation method to train a feed-forward neural network. Firefly algorithm is a nature(More)
The present work deals with an improved back-propagation algorithm based on Gauss-Newton numerical optimization method for fast convergence. The steepest descent method is used for the back-propagation. The algorithm is tested using various datasets and compared with the steepest descent back-propagation algorithm. In the system, optimization is carried out(More)
The growth of worldwide web (WWW) spreads its wings from an intangible quantities of web-pages to a gigantic hub of web information which gradually increases the complexity of crawling process in a search engine. A search engine handles a lot of queries from various parts of this world, and the answers of it solely depend on the knowledge that it gathers by(More)
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