Sudarshan N. Kumar

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BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to establish the buffalo mammary epithelial cell line (BuMEC) and characterize its mammary specific functions. METHODOLOGY Buffalo mammary tissue collected from the slaughter house was processed enzymatically to obtain a heterogenous population of cells containing both epithelial and fibroblasts cells. Epithelial(More)
Mammary gland is made up of a branching network of ducts that end with alveoli which surrounds the lumen. These alveolar mammary epithelial cells (MEC) reflect the milk producing ability of farm animals. In this study, we have used 2D-DIGE and mass spectrometry to identify the protein changes in MEC during immediate early, peak and late stages of lactation(More)
Oviductin is a high molecular weight oviduct-specific glycoprotein secreted by the non-ciliated epithelial cells of oviduct during estrous cycle and early pregnancy. It plays an important role during fertilization and early embryonic development. The oviductin gene from oviductal tissues of buffalo was successfully cloned and sequenced. The sequence(More)
An early, reliable and noninvasive method of early pregnancy diagnosis is prerequisite for efficient reproductive management in dairy industry. The early detection of pregnancy also help in to reduce the calving interval and rebreeding time which is beneficial for industries as well as farmers. The aim of this work is to identify potential biomarker for(More)
Oct4, pluripotency marker and transcription factor, expresses in embryonic stem cells. It plays a pivotal role in determination of stem cells fate. Up and down regulation of Oct4 causes differentiation of embryonic stem cells. It is one of the main transcription factors which remained concerned in every study related to induced pluripotent stem cell. Here,(More)
MGP-40 is a chitinase-like protein which is over expressed during mammary gland involution. However, its physiological function in the mammary gland is poorly understood. In the present investigation, we have reported the functional significance of buffalo specific MGP-40 in the mammary gland by using an in vitro model of the buffalo mammary epithelial cell(More)
Nanog is a homeodomain containing protein which plays important roles in regulation of signaling pathways for maintenance and induction of pluripotency in stem cells. Because of its unique expression in stem cells it is also regarded as pluripotency marker. In this study goat Nanog (gNanog) gene has been amplified, cloned and characterized at sequence level(More)
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