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A door to door survey of a random sample of 448 subjects (> or = 15 years of age) of Kodamendhi village (near Nagpur) revealed a prevalence of hypertension of 4% rising to 19% in more than 60 years age group. One of the main goals of the study was to search for social, behavioural and life style risk factors and provide baseline information on blood(More)
Porteinuria was quantitatively measured in twenty-five controls and eighty-one newly detected patients of essential hypertension without renal insufficiency. Hypertension was treated with enalapril, enalapril and nifedepine and nifedepine alone. Mean proteinuria was more in patients of hypertension as compared to controls (P < .001). Proteinuria decreased(More)
The Web Services provided over Internet or Intranet has developed a foundation for a networked economy—an extended business community in which vendors, partners, and customers interact and collaborate. Web services provide a mean for interoperability with different system running on different self independent environment. Web services are self-contained,(More)
Kaolin agglutination test (KAT), for the detection of anti-tuberculophospholipid antibodies for the serodiagnosis of tuberculosis, was performed on the sera of 137 pulmonary and 276 extra pulmonary tuberculosis patients and 140 controls. The sensitivity and specificity of KAT was 86.9% and 100%, respectively, at the titre of 1:128 and more.
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