Suchitra Shrestha

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Cooperative relaying permits one or more relay to transmit a signal from source to destination, thereby increasing network coverage and spectral efficiency. The performance of cooperative relaying is often measured as outage probability. However, appropriate measure for the channel quality is outage capacity. Although outage probability for cooperative(More)
Digital image and video in their raw form require an enormous amount of storage capacity. Considering the important role played by digital imaging and video in medical and health science, it is necessary to develop a system that produces high degree of compression while preserving critical image/video information. In this paper, we present a hybrid(More)
Now a days storage space and running time of algorithm or execution time for computers are critical and challenge aspect, With the purpose of decrease the cost of storage pace for images lot of methods are available, researchers have focused on optimization methodology or techniques for comparison, There are many techniques for optimization but here main(More)
Compression is performed to reduce the redundancy and retain information pertaining to data. In this paper, five image compression techniques have been simulated. The techniques are baseline Joint Photographic Experts Group(JPEG) , Block Truncation Coding (BTC) ,Hybrid Discrete Wavelet TransformDiscrete Cosine Transform (DWT-DCT) method, Pyramid and Set(More)
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