Suchitra Sathyanarayana

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We propose a method to automatically detect emotions in unconstrained settings as part of the 2013 Emotion Recognition in the Wild Challenge [16], organized in conjunction with the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2013). Our method combines multiple visual descriptors with paralinguistic audio features for multimodal(More)
Accelerating Hough transform in hardware has been of interest due its popularity in real-time capable image processing applications. In most existing linear Hough transform architectures, an m xm edge map is serially read for processing, resulting in a total computation time of at least m(2) cycles. In this paper, we propose a novel parallel Hough transform(More)
Analysis of hand gestures in one-to-one tutoring gives a number of characteristics of social interaction and behavior between the tutor and the student. This analysis can not only aid in understanding the effectiveness of the learning methodology and developing new techniques for learning , but also help in developing intelligent and online tutoring(More)
—The Hough transform, a widely used operation in image processing, suffers from being computationally intensive. In this letter, we propose a method called additive Hough transform (AHT) to accelerate Hough transform computation. It is based on parallel processing of 2 points, obtained by dividing the edge map into uniform blocks using a grid. It has been(More)
Eye state can be used as an important cue to monitor the wellness of a patient. In this paper, we propose a computationally efficient eye state detection technique in the context of patient monitoring. The proposed method uses weighted accumulations of intensity and gradients, along with a color thresholding on a reduced set of pixels to extract the various(More)