Suchita Kamble

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In this paper VHDL implementation of 8-bit arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is presented. The design was implemented using VHDL Xilinx Synthesis tool ISE 13.1 and targeted for Spartan device. ALU was designed to perform arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction using 8-bit fast adder, logical operations such as AND, OR, XOR and NOT operations, 1's(More)
Transgenic lines of oil seed plant Brassica juncea expressing a synthetic cry1Ac gene were developed using Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. The integration of transgene cry1Ac in transformed plants was confirmed by Southern blot hybridization using a cry1Ac probe. Expression of transgene was analyzed using reverse transcription PCR.(More)
In this paper, Secure Network Interface Card (SNIC) Architecture is proposed, to provide secure video communication without extra overhead on host processor of receiver. PROM based security model is developed & its integration with Network Interface is described. The approach adopted here to design SNIC, is based on remote reference passing. In this(More)
An endochitinase gene ‘ech42’ from the biocontrol fungus ‘Trichoderma virens’ was introduced to Brassica juncea (L). Czern and Coss via Agrobaterium tumefaciens mediated genetic transformation method. Integration and expression of the ‘ech42’ gene in transgenic lines were confirmed by PCR, RT-PCR and Southern hybridization. Transgenic lines (T1) showed(More)
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