Suchit Agarwal

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GridVine is a Peer Data Management System based on a decentralized access structure. Built following the principle of data independence, it separates a logical layer – where data, schemas and mappings are managed – from a physical layer consisting of a structured Peer-to-Peer network supporting efficient routing of messages and index load-balancing. Our(More)
—Networks based on Ethernet bridging scale poorly as bridges flood the entire network repeatedly, and several schemes have been proposed to mitigate this flooding problem; however, none have managed to eliminate flooding completely. We present Automatic Integrated Routing (AIR) as the first routing protocol that eliminates flooding by assigning prefix(More)
This paper addresses the problem of fast retrieval of data from XML documents by providing a labeling schema that can easily handle simple as well as complex XPATH queries and also provide for updates without the need for the entire document being re-indexed in the RDBMS. We introduce a new labeling schema called the "Z-Label" for efficiently processing(More)
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