Suchismita Chandran

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The paleotropical woody bamboo subtribe Bambusinae has not been satisfactorily circumscribed and remains a major taxonomic problem. Genera such as Holttumochloa, Mullerochloa and Temburongia have not been confidently assigned to this subtribe. The phylogenetic relationships among genera hitherto placed in or near the Bambusinae, together with the related(More)
Background Myostatin (MSTN), a member of the transforming growth factor beta family, negatively regulates skeletal muscle mass. Deletion of the Mstn gene results in increased muscle mass. Also, Mstn-/-mice and mice expressing a dominant negative MSTN receptor (activin receptor type IIB, ACVR2B) show decreased adipose tissue. Mstn-/-mice fed a high fat diet(More)
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