Suchismita Bhattacharjee

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this investigation was to determine the prevalence of migraine and headache symptoms in a national sample of US office employees. Also, we explored the association of headache symptoms with indoor environmental parameters of the work place. BACKGROUND Sick building syndrome (SBS), which includes headache, is a common global(More)
Cognitive Radio (CR) is a technology that promises to solve the spectrum shortage problem by allowing secondary users to coexist with primary user without causing any interference to the communication. It aims to improve the utilization of the radio spectrum. Although the operational aspects of CR are being explored widely, its security aspects have gained(More)
Collaborative spectrum sensing (CSS) is an approach that enhances the spectrum sensing performance where multiple secondary users (SUs) cooperate to make the final sensing decision in a cognitive radio network (CRN). In CSS, the SUs are generally assumed to report correct local sensing result to the fusion center (FC). But, some SUs may be compromised and(More)
Due to the escalating population and the resulting increase in energy use, the world is faced with the challenge of energy crisis. To mitigate the rise in energy crisis, innovation, adoption, and diffusion of energy efficient technologies is imperative. Review of available literatures indicates that expected improvement in energy consumption has not been(More)
The construction industry ranks high in the rates of severe and fatal occupational injuries due to complexity and unpredictable nature of the tasks. Decades long efforts to combat occupational accidents by using various safety improvement approaches have reached a plateau. Figures published by Bureau of Labor Statistics show an improvement in the safety of(More)
Building-related energy consumption accounts for about 40% of total energy consumption in the United States. Thus, energy efficiency of the building sector plays a vital role in reducing energy consumption. To aid in the process of energy efficiency improvement, a large private sector energy efficiency service industry has developed in the United States,(More)
We use collaborative sensing in a cognitive radio network for a more accurate sensing decision. Individual radio nodes sends its local sensing report to the fusion center (FC), which combines the local sensing reports using some fusion rule thereby arriving at a final sensing decision. However, a malicious node may launch the Spectrum Sensing Data(More)
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