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Ours is the era of convergence in mobility, communication, computation, etc. which finally leads to a new class of machines hitherto thought impossible. These kinds of complexities raise very fundamental questions in modern science and technology from basic Mathematical theory point of view. One of the issues, which we are interested in this work is nature(More)
In practically all network flow problems, attaining the desired quality of service (QoS) while maintaining minimum possible transmission time is one of the most important challenges. Since most of these networks are stochastic in nature, ensuring QoS becomes a major concern, especially when the network maintenance cost is also required to be kept low. Lin(More)
All the existing real world networks are evolving, hence, study of traffic dynamics in these enlarged networks is a challenging task. The critical issue is to optimize the network structure to improve network capacity and avoid traffic congestion. We are interested in taking user's routes such that it is least congested with optimal network capacity.(More)
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