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Electrocardiography (ECG) signals are widely used to gauge the health of the human heart, and the resulting time series signal is often analyzed manually by a medical professional to detect any arrhythmia that the patient may have suffered. Much work has been done to automate the process of analyzing ECG signals, but most of the research involves extensive(More)
Nomenclature ω Frequency H(*) Frequency Response Function Matrix h(t) Impulse Response Function N ref Number of input references N o Number of output responses m Model order [α] Denominator matrix polynomial coefficient [β] Numerator matrix polynomial coefficient ERA Eigensystem Realization Algorithm UMPA Unified Matrix Polynomial Approach EMA Experimental(More)
Advancement in sequence data generation technologies are churning out voluminous omics data and posing a massive challenge to annotate the biological functional features. Sequence data from the well studied model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been commonly used to test and validate in silico prediction methods. DNA replication is a critical step in(More)
— Ensemble of classifiers is one of the most researched methods in pattern classification in recency. It's a well-known fact that multiple phases for evaluation provides more accuracy. In this paper we proposed a multistage classifier approach where we are applying three supervised classifiers for the classification in pattern recognition. Three Classifiers(More)
Car may be classified by a number of different standards and targets. Even, a broad classification is difficult, because a vehicle may fit into multiple categories. The proposed work provides a computer-based tool capable of classifying cars, as closely as possible to classifications performed by skilled operators. Such a tool is capable of extracting a(More)
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