Sucharita Mitra

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A software based lossless ECG compression algorithm is developed here. The algorithm is written in the C-platform. The algorithm has applied to various ECG data of all the 12 leads taken from PTB diagnostic ECG database (PTB-DB). Here, a difference array has been generated from the corresponding input ECG data and this is multiplied by a large number to(More)
A software based normalized ECG data acquisition system is developed for both normal and abnormal ECG records. This system can transfer wave data recorded on paper to the digital time database. A flatbed scanner is used to form an image database of each 12 lead ECG signal. These TIF formatted gray tone images are then converted into two tone binary images(More)
An inference engine for classification of Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals is developed with the help of a rule based rough set decision system. For this purpose an automated data extraction system from ECG strips is being developed by using a few image processing techniques. A knowledge base is developed after consulting different medical books as well as(More)
In this paper, a rule-based rough-set decision system for the development of a disease inference engine is described. For this purpose, an offline-data-acquisition system of paper electrocardiogram (ECG) records is developed using image-processing techniques. The ECG signals may be corrupted with six types of noise. Therefore, at first, the extracted(More)
ECG signals recorded on paper are transferred to the digital time database with the help of an automated data extraction system developed here. A flatbed scanner is used to form an image database of each 12-lead ECG signal. Those images are then fed into a Pentium PC having a system to extract pixel-to-pixel co-ordinate information to form a raw database(More)
Efficient therapeutics and early detection has helped to increase breast cancer survival rates over the years. However, the recurrence of breast cancer remains to be a problem and this may be due to the presence of a small population of cells, called tumor initiating cells (TICs). Breast TICs are resistant to drugs, difficult to detect, and exhibit high(More)
A method to purify enzymes utilizing their specific biological affinity and catalytic specificity is described. For this chromatographic technique, an enzyme binds immobilized substrate coupled to a column in the absence of a cofactor required for catalysis but permissive for substrate binding. After washing, the missing cofactor is added to the column(More)
This paper reports the development of a software suite to be accessed in future with any General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enabled mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for the extraction and analysis of disease-related features from the images of paper based ECG records. In India and other developing countries, the cheaper paper based ECG(More)
This article reports a robust technique for extracting time plane features of Electrocardiogram (ECG) from digital images of ECG paper strips. We concluded this article reporting performance evaluation of the system developed for machine aided cardiac disease detection. Mostly paper based ECG recordings are used in developing countries and digital(More)