Sucharita Dey

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The number and importance of intrinsically disordered proteins (IUP), known to be involved in various human disorders, are growing rapidly. To test for the generalized implications of intrinsic disorders in proteins involved in Neurodegenerative diseases, disorder prediction tools have been applied to three datasets comprising of proteins involved in(More)
Virstatin is a small molecule that inhibits Vibrio cholerae virulence regulation, the causative agent for cholera. Here we report the interaction of virstatin with human serum albumin (HSA) using various biophysical methods. The drug binding was monitored using different isomeric forms of HSA (N form ∼pH 7.2, B form ∼pH 9.0 and F form ∼pH 3.5) by absorption(More)
We present a set of four parameters that in combination can predict DNA-binding residues on protein structures to a high degree of accuracy. These are the number of evolutionary conserved residues (N(cons)) and their spatial clustering (ρ(e)), hydrogen bond donor capability (D(p)) and residue propensity (R(p)). We first used these parameters to characterize(More)
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