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Notes on 113 fungal taxa are compiled in this paper, including 11 new genera, 89 new species, one new subspecies, three new combinations and seven reference specimens. A wide geographic and taxonomic range of fungal taxa are detailed. In the Ascomycota the new genera Angustospora (Testudinaceae), Camporesia (Xylariaceae), Clematidis, Crassiparies(More)
A new genus pathogenic to scale insects (Coccidae, Hemiptera), Helicocollum, is described from Thailand. It includes the three species, H. chanthaburiensis, H. krabiensis and H. surathaniensis. Phylogenetic inferences on the basis of partial sequences of the large subunit of the nuclear ribosomal DNA, translation elongation factor 1-α and RNA polymerase II(More)
In several surveys in the tropical forests in Thailand, specimens that looked morphologically similar to Metarhizium martiale and Cordyceps variegata, as well as other Metarhizium species were collected and cultured in vitro. A combined phylogeny of several genes including the small (18S) and large (28S) subunits of the ribosomal DNA, elongation factor 1-α(More)
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