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The bacterial flora associated with external body parts, stomach and intestine of male and female Periplaneta americana inhabitating students' halls, teachers' residences and houses of low-paid employees in Jahangirnagar, University Campus were examined and analysed qualitatively and quantitatively. The qualitative study in P. americana revealed the(More)
This paper presents the results of haemagglutination-inhibition tests carried out on sera from 441 persons, 1,080 cattle and 335 birds in the Kimberley area. Two Alphaviruses (group A) (Ross River and Sindbis) and one Flavivirus (Murray Valley Encephalitis) were used for the preparation of haemagglutinins in the haemagglutination-inhibition tests. The tests(More)
One hundred and thirty presumptive viruses have been isolated from 485 pools made from 23,872 mosquitoes collected in the Ord River area of North-West Australia. One hundred and eleven of the virus isolates isolates came from pools of Culex annulirostis, the dominant mosquito species caught in the vicinity of Kununurra. Forty-five of the viruses pathogenic(More)
  • Suceveanu Mihaela, Pop Dana, +4 authors Hâncu Nicolae
  • 2015
Background. Cardiovascular rehabilitation is an important objective of the treatment of cardiovascular patients in general, and ischemic heart disease patients in particular. The aim of the study is to monitor the effects of long-term cardiovascular rehabilitation in patients readmitted to the “Dr Benedek Geza” Hospital of Rehabilitation in Cardiovascular(More)
The mofettes used for therapeutic purposes in Romania, in the Hospital of Rehabilitation in Cardiovascular Diseases Covasna, are unique in the world. Here, carbon dioxide in the form of carbogaseous baths and particularly, mofettes plays an important role not only in primary prevention, but also in secondary prevention and the rehabilitation of(More)
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