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Social networks are flourishing because of fast growing Internet and the World Wide Web, and more research efforts have been put on Social Network Analysis (SNA). A social network can be modeled like a graph, where the nodes represent persons, and an edge between them represent direct relationship between the persons. One of the issues in SNA is to(More)
Dimension reduction is defined as the process of mapping high-dimensional data to a lowerdimensional vector space. Most machine learning and data mining techniques may not be effective for high-dimensional data. In order to handle this data adequately, its dimensionality needs to be reduced. Dimensionality reduction is also needed for visualization, graph(More)
Web pages are usually generated for visualization not for data exchange. Each page may contain several groups of structured data. Web pages are generated by plugging data values to predefined templates. Manual data extraction from semi supervised web pages is a difficult task. This paper focuses on study of various automatic web data extraction techniques.(More)
Real networks are composed of communities of varying dimensions. The identification of groups forms a significant tool in analyzing the structural and functional characteristics of complex networks. It finds application in diverse domains such as biology, web mining, social sciences etc. Discovering communities in large scale networks provide a summarized(More)
With the continuous development of wireless technology and advanced mobile computing, the recent mobile devices have many powerful capabilities such as fast and efficient processing and convenient data storage. These mobile devices have efficient strategies for processing queries locally or globally with the help of spatial database server. In this paper,(More)
Due to the explosive growth of online video data and images , visual search is becoming an important area of research. Most existing approaches used text based image retrieval which is not so efficient. To precisely specify the visual documents, Visual search reranking is used. Visual search reranking is the rearrangement of visual documents based on(More)
In recent years, a series of algorithms have been proposed to detect community from social networks. Most of the algorithms are based on traditional spectral clustering algorithms such as k-means. One of the major limitations of such algorithms is that entire eigenvalues of the similarity matrix of the network need to be calculated in advance. In the case(More)
The main aspect of NoSQL data stores is “shared nothing” horizontal scaling, which enables them to support a large number of simple read/write operations per second. Most of the NoSQL data stores generally do not provide strict ACID properties. The idea is that by giving up strict ACID constraints high performance and scalability can be achieved. The(More)
Relational databases have been the leading model for data storage, retrieval and management for over forty years. Majority of the data comes in semi-structured or unstructured format from social media, video and emails. RDBMS are not designed to accommodate unstructured data. Also the data size has increased tremendously to the range of petabytes and RDBMS(More)