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Transgenic expression of an unedited mitochondrial orfB gene product from wild abortive (WA) cytoplasm of rice (Oryza sativa L.) generates male sterility in fertile rice lines
AbstractMain conclusionOver-expression of the unedited mitochondrialorfBgene product generates male sterility in fertileindicarice lines in a dose-dependent manner. Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)Expand
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Mutant huntingtin impairs PNKP and ATXN3, disrupting DNA repair and transcription
How huntingtin (HTT) triggers neurotoxicity in Huntington’s disease (HD) remains unclear. We report that HTT forms a transcription-coupled DNA repair (TCR) complex with RNA polymerase II subunit AExpand
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Genetic transformation of cultivated jute (Corchorus capsularis L.) by particle bombardment using apical meristem tissue and development of stable transgenic plant
An in vitro plant regeneration and genetic transformation protocol was established in jute (Corchorus capsularis L. var JRC321). One-day-old apical, meristematic tissues of germinating seedlings wereExpand
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Marker-free transgenic rice expressing the vegetative insecticidal protein (Vip) of Bacillus thuringiensis shows broad insecticidal properties
Main conclusionGenetically engineered rice lines with broad insecticidal properties against major lepidopteran pests were generated using a synthetic, truncated form of vegetative insecticidalExpand
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Genetic transformation of cultivated sesame (Sesamum indicum L. cv Rama) through particle bombardment using 5-day-old apical, meristematic tissues of germinating seedlings
An in vitro plant generation and genetic transformation protocol was established in sesame (Sesamum indicum L. cv Rama) through biolistic particle gun bombardment. 5-day-old apical, meristematicExpand
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Kinetic Analysis of Calorimetric Measurements of Niobium–Aluminum Nb/Al Multifilament Strands
The formation of different phases for the reaction of Nb and Al in M/s Hitachi Ltd made wires using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) has been investigated. The interfacial diffusion reactionExpand
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Upgradation in SCADA and PLC of existing LN2 control system for SST-1
Abstract Helium Refrigerator/Liquefier system of Steady State Superconducting Tokamak (SST-1) incorporates Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) pre-cooling system. LN2 is used for 80 K thermal shields of SST-1,Expand
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Experimental studies of two phase flow characteristics and void fraction predictions in steady state horizontal two-phase nitrogen flow
Abstract An experimental characterization of the Two Phase (TP) flow characteristics in a horizontal steady state flow of liquid nitrogen and its subsequent void fraction predictions has been carriedExpand
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