Subrata Bhowmik

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The objective is to investigate the relative advantages and performance of grid based method. To achieve this, the grid-based method was compared with one of the known optimal filter i.e. Kalman filter. First two linear system models were tested by using these two methods. One was 1st order system and another was 2nd order system. The results obtained by(More)
This paper presents a neural network based semi-active control method for a rotary type magnetorheological (MR) damper. The characteristics of the MR damper are described by the classic Bouc-Wen model, and the performance of the proposed control method is evaluated in terms of a base exited shear frame structure. As demonstrated in the literature effective(More)
A system for monitoring and reporting incidences of red light violations at the traffic intersection is presented in this paper. A model of the proposed system has been built and verified experimentally. The system comprises an infrared (IR) transmitter and a receiver unit for detection of red light violation, whereas for identifying the vehicle breaking(More)
Abstract: The Coordination of the motion planning of the manipulator end point and the mobile base is a crucial task for a mobile robot control. The mobile manipulator is mounted on the mobile platform where the end point of the manipulator is guided to follow an arbitrarily chosen path .The mobile platform may move in such a manner so that the manipulator(More)
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