Subrata Banerjee

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A novel viewpoint to the collision resolution problem is introduced in this paper for wireless slotted random access networks. This viewpoint is based on signal separation principles borrowed from signal processing problems. The received collided packets are not discarded in this approach but are exploited to extract each individual user packet information.(More)
This paper deals with the distributed queue dual bus (DQDB) (IEEE 802.6) network, and makes two independent contributions. First, the unfairness problem of DQDB is addressed, and several alternative solutions that can improve the network’s fairness are proposed. They include (1) the proportional assignment scheme (PR); (2) the (multiple-request)(More)
We consider the problem of designing a logical optical network topology for a given physical topology (or fiber layout) and a given traffic demand matrix between the end-users. Traffic between the end-users is carried in a packet-switched form and the objective of our logical topology design is to minimize the maximum congestion on the logical connections(More)
We propose to exploit the capabilities of emerging lightwave technology in order to construct photonic implementations of “adaptive” and “optimized” distributed queue dual bus (DQDB) structures. These (virtual) structures are linear and multihop in nature, and they can be constructed on any physical topology by exploiting the broadcast-and-select property(More)
The capabilities of emerging optical technology, viz. dense wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and tunable optical transmitters and receivers (transceivers) can be exploited to construct lightwave networks, as follows. First, by employing WDM, the huge optical bandwidth (in the order of Terahertz) is partitioned into a number of smaller capacity(More)
Benign esophagorespiratory fistula is a relatively rare condition in adults that poses a technical challenge to manage. This case series describes our experience in the treatment of benign esophagorespiratory fistula in 12 adults. A retrospective review of case records of 12 patients with benign esophagorespiratory fistula was done. There were eight(More)
A novel approach for modeling the optimal routing and wavelength assignment problem in wavelength division multiplexed all–optical networks is proposed. It is assumed that the optical switching nodes are equipped with a limited and scalable set of wavelength converters which can be used by any subset of incoming optical–connections. The proposed model,(More)