Subrat Kumar Mohanty

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The objective of this research is to study a model-based scheme for Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) in mechatronic systems. Mechatronic systems are a class of interdisciplinary engineering systems which entails greater reliability. A model-based feature estimation FDI approach is developed. A proprietary electric motor based valve actuator, used in(More)
Waugh's syndrome is the association between intestinal malrotion and intussusceptions. We report a case of Waugh's syndrome in a one year old child who presented to us with acute bowel obstruction and bleeding per rectum. Due to malrotation, there was easy prolapsing of ileocolic region into the nonfixed ascending colon and the intussusceptum advanced into(More)
Model-based Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) in sensors and actuators are found in the literature since two decades. This research focuses on multi-resolution signal decomposition (MRSD) method which is an extension of the Short-Time Fourier Transform, a spectral analysis methods for FDI. The simulation study suggests that the developed MRSD algorithms(More)
For condition monitoring of machineries and systems conventional method such as hardware or sensor based error checking scheme were in use. As the automated systems are becoming complex, recently most of the condition-monitoring schemes have been applying sophisticated analytical tools and methods to achieve improved performance. The objective of this paper(More)
Introduction: Chronic pain abdomen of right lower quadrant is quite common in children. but difficult to arrive at a correct diagnosis. Most of the time the clinical diagnosis points at the possibility of chronic appendicitis. Evaluations of these patients by ultrasound is inconclusive. In the study we tried to find out the role of CECT abdomen in the(More)
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