Subranshu Sekhar Dash

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If the reactive power of the load is changing rapidly, then a suitable fast response compensator is needed Static VAR Compensator (SVC) thyristor control series compensator (TCSC) and thyristor control phase shift transformer (TCPST) is such a compensator which belongs to FACTS family. The ultimate objective of applying reactive shunt compensation in the(More)
Voltage stability has become an important issue in planning and operation of many power systems. Contingencies such as unexpected line outages in a stressed system may often result in voltage instability, which may lead to voltage collapse. This paper presents evolutionary algorithm techniques like Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Non-dominated Sorting Genetic(More)
This paper presents a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm (HGA) Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) approach to solve Economic Emission Optimal Power Flow problem. The proposed approach optimizes two conflicting objective functions namely, fuel cost minimization and emission level minimization of polluted gases namely NO X , SO X and CO x simultaneously while satisfying(More)
– The current study presents a zero-one integer programming approach to determine the minimum break point set for the coordination of directional relays. First, the network is reduced if there are any parallel lines or three-end nodes. Second, all the directed loops are enumerated to reduce the iteration. Finally, the problem is formulated as a set-covering(More)