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BACKGROUND The risk for colorectal cancer (CRC) in ulcerative colitis (UC) in India is not known. METHOD Retrospective cohort from a tertiary level hospital in South India. Analysis of archived records of all patients with UC who underwent colonoscopy and segmental biopsies over the last 25 years. Incidence densities and risk of developing high grade(More)
PCR amplification of insertion element IS6110 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in fecal samples was evaluated in the diagnosis of intestinal tuberculosis (ITB). The numbers of samples that tested positive by PCR with SalI digestion were 16/18 untreated-ITB samples, 0/8 treated-ITB samples, 12/14 smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis samples, and 0/30 control(More)
Strychnos potatorum Linn. seeds are used in the Indian traditional system of medicine for the treatment of hepatopathy, nephropathy, gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, gastropathy, bronchitis, chronic diarrhoea, strangury, renal and vesicle calculi, diabetes and eye diseases. The present study describes the hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities of the seed(More)
Hygrophila auriculata (K. Schum) Heine (syn. Asteracantha longifolia Nees, Acanthaceae) was widely used in the Indian systems of medicine for the treatment of various liver ailments. The hepatoprotective activity of the aqueous extract of the roots was studied on CCl(4)-induced liver toxicity in rats. The activity was assessed by monitoring the various(More)
The therapeutic efficacy of Cassia alata leaf extract against Pityriasis versicolor has been reported for the first time involving humans. For the collection of clinically effective antifungal compounds from the leaves of Cassia alata, a simple procedure has been devised. A 10-year human study indicates that the leaf extract can be reliably used as a herbal(More)
Malabsorption is an important clinical problem both in visitors to the tropics and in native residents of tropical countries. Infections of the small intestine are the most important cause of tropical malabsorption. Protozoal infections cause malabsorption in immunocompetent hosts, but do so more commonly in the setting of immune deficiency. Helminth(More)
Neurological and related manifestations of 17 cases of human cysticercosis have been reported. The cases have been grouped into convulsive disorder (6 cases), meningo-encephalitis (4 cases), pseudo-tumour syndrome (2 cases), psychiatric disease (2 cases), ocular cysticercosis (2 cases) and pseudomuscular hypertrophy (1 case) which proves the varied clinical(More)
Virtual environments (VEs) very often contain buildings that have to be navigated by users. In the literature, several navigation aids based on maps have been proposed for VEs, but in virtual buildings they have been typically used for single-floor scenarios. In this paper, we propose and experimentally evaluate two different navigation aids for multi-floor(More)
In this paper, we propose the Interactive 3D BreakAway Map (I3BAM), an extension of the well-known Worlds In Miniature [6]. The I3BAM supports user navigation in virtual buildings as a navigation aid, but also provides a means of examining any floor of a virtual building without having to necessarily navigate it. The aid presents multiple views of a virtual(More)