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Segmentation of pulmonary X-ray computed tomography (CT) images is a precursor to most pulmonary image analysis applications. Digital Image Processing is currently a hot research area in medicine and it is believed that they will receive extensive application to biomedical systems in the next few years. In Digital Image Processing, neural networks are ideal(More)
-A novel approach for the implementation of Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is proposed. Two different approaches are made in the PSO algorithms, Random PSO (RPSO) and knowledge based PSO (KPSO) for the determination of optimum controller gain in MPC structure In order to test the performance of(More)
This paper reviews methods to diagnose faults over the past few years and presented with the focus on comparative fault diagnosis that use on-line and non-intrusive techniques. A simulation (using MATLAB/Simulink) study has been made on input single line to ground fault and inverter base drive open fault. The speed and accuracy of the fault diagnosis(More)
As technology scales, Multiple Cell Upsets (MCUs) become more common and affect a larger number of cells. In order to protect memories against MCUs as well as SEUs is to make use of advanced Error detecting and correcting codes that can correct more than one error per word. A sub-group of the low-density parity checks (LDPC) codes, which belongs to the(More)
Received Jan 16, 2017 Revised Mar 16, 2017 Accepted Mar 30, 2017 Inverter fed Induction motor drives are deployed across a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Although the drives in the question are well known for their reliable operation in any type of environment, it becomes an important daunting critical task to have them in continuous(More)