Subramanian Baskar

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In this paper we analyse an M/G/1 queue with optional server vacation based on Bernoulli schedule and single vacation policy. The server provides essential service to all arriving customers with service time following general distribution subject to random interruption. However at the completion of essential service, the server can take a vacation with(More)
This paper pertains to the study of a Stochastic queueing model with preemptive repeat priority service discipline which plays a prominent role in real life situation like communication network where priority is given important when urgent message is to be communicated, man power planning where the recruitment process following preemptive repeat priority(More)
Today we are enjoying the benefits of technology, particularly in the field of communication, in the form of anywhere and anytime communication. One of the causes for this achievement is building global computer networks. The technological growth in the field of wireless technologies provides communication between mobile users. Any invention is to say(More)