Subrahmanyam Mula

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For real-time sparse systems identification applications, Proportionate-type Least Mean Square (Pt-LMS) algorithms are often preferred to their normalized counterparts (Pt-NLMS) due to lower computational complexity of the former algorithms. In this paper, we present the convergence analysis of Pt-LMS algorithms. Without any assumptions on input, both first(More)
This paper presents a framework based on the logarithmic number system to implement adaptive filters with error nonlinearities in hardware. The framework is demonstrated through pipelined implementations of two recently proposed adaptive filtering algorithms based on logarithmic cost, namely, least mean logarithmic square (LMLS) and least logarithmic(More)
This paper investigates the problem of implementing proportionate-type LMS family of algorithms in hardware for sparse adaptive filtering applications especially the network echo cancelation. We derive a re-formulated proportionate type algorithm through algorithm-architecture co-design methodology that can be pipelined and has an efficient architecture for(More)
The detection of a weak signal in additive Cauchy noise is of great importance in many applications. A locally optimum detector (LOD) exists for such a scenario; however, it is non-linear in nature. In general, implementation of non-linear detectors is difficult in practice, and linear detectors with good properties, such as high asymptotic relative(More)
An improved proportionate adaptive filter based on the Maximum Correntropy Criterion (IP-MCC) is proposed for identifying the system with variable sparsity in an impulsive noise environment. Utilization of MCC mitigates the effect of impulse noise while the improved proportionate concepts exploit the underlying system sparsity to improve the convergence(More)
This paper presents a new VLSI friendly framework for scalable video coding based on Compressed Sensing (CS). It achieves scalability through 3-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform (3-D DWT) and better compression ratio by exploiting the inherent sparsity of the high frequency wavelet sub-bands through CS. By using 3-D DWT and a proposed adaptive(More)
This paper introduces a novel constraint adaptive filtering algorithm based on a relative logarithmic cost function which is termed as Constrained Least Mean Logarithmic Square (CLMLS). The proposed CLMLS algorithm elegantly adjusts the cost function based on the amount of error thereby achieves better performance compared to the conventional Constrained(More)
In this paper, we present the convergence analysis of proportionate-type least mean square (Pt-LMS) algorithm that identifies the sparse system effectively and more suitable for real time VLSI applications. Both first and second order convergence analysis of Pt-LMS algorithm is studied. Optimum convergence behavior of Pt-LMS algorithm is studied from the(More)
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