Subrahmanyam Dravida

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The two-dimensional (2-D) doubly stochastic Gaussian (DSG) model was introduced by one of the authors to provide a complete model for spatial filters which adapt to the local structure in an image signal. Here we present the optimal estimator and 2-D fixed-lag smoother for this DSG model extending earlier work of Ackerson and Fu. As the optimal estimator(More)
October–December 1998 63 Copyright 1998. Lucent Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Introduction There has been a tremendous explosion in Internet and corporate intranet traffic in recent years. Service providers have been projecting growth rates ranging from 50 to 300% per year for this traffic. This growth is being fueled by various Web-based(More)
This paper. investigates error performance issues concerning IEEE 802.6 Metropolitan Area Network (MANs) which will be based on fiber transmission systems. We study the error protection requirements for MAN cell headers and propose a simple CRC-based scheme to provide single bit correction and multiple bit detection. The functions of adaptation layer for(More)