Subodh Kumar Rastogi

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Pulmonary function studies were conducted on 489 pesticide workers engaged in spraying operations on mango plantations. These workers were exposed to a variety of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides. A reference group consisting of 208 controls, belonging to the same socioeconomic stratum, was taken from the same area for purposes of comparison.(More)
In a cross-sectional study, a random sample of 197 male workers drawn from different sections of 10 leather tanneries in Kanpur were selected for the assessment of health risks. A control group comprising of 117 male subjects belonging to a similar age group and socioeconomic strata, who never had any occupational exposure in the leather tanneries, were(More)
Petrol (gasoline) contains a number of toxicants. This study used human biomonitoring to evaluate the genotoxic effects of exposure to benzene in petrol fumes in 100 Indian petrol-pump workers (PPWs) and an equal number of controls. The study was corroborated with in silico assessments of the Comet assay results from the human biomonitoring study. An in(More)
BACKGROUND Pesticide sprayers in mango orchards of Malihabad, Lucknow (India) are generally exposed to organophosphate (OP) and pyrethroid pesticides. We determined the pesticide exposure levels along with their biochemical and clinical effects in 31 sprayers, compared with 18 controls. METHODS Assay of acetyl and butyrylcholinesterases (AChE, BChE(More)
A random sample of 342 workers engaged in chipping and grinding of agate stones were surveyed in a cross-sectional study to assess the prevalence of respiratory morbidity in the agate industry. The findings were compared with those obtained in controls. The study showed a significantly higher prevalence of lung diseases among agate workers than among(More)
This paper reports a cross-sectional study of a non-smoking population of silica exposed female workers compared with a group of healthy non-exposed females. The exposed group is divided into cohorts according to the presence or absence of pneumoconiosis in either simple or complex form. The study revealed statistically significant difference in pulmonary(More)
A group of manual welders (N = 57) engaged in gas welding joint faces of moulded brasswares, age group 13-60 years (mean: 29.2 +/- 1.37 years), having a mean exposure period of 12.4 +/- 1.12 years (range: 1-35 years) were subjected to spirometry to evaluate the prevalence of spirometric abnormalities. The findings were compared with those obtained from a(More)