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  • S K Jain
  • 1992
"The paper examines the post-1971 reduction in Australian mortality in light of data on causes of death. Multiple-decrement life tables for eleven leading causes of death by sex are calculated and the incidence of each cause of death is presented in terms of the values of the life table functions. The study found that in the overall decline in mortality(More)
This paper deals with an anisotropic diffusion based noise removal technique which utilizes the new diffusion function based on tangent sigmoid function. A local edge indicator function based on local structure tensor is also used in the proposed technique, to reduce the noise and detection of edges in digital images. From the experimental results, we(More)
  • S K Jain
  • 1993
"This paper examines the prevalence of reported morbidity in Australia during the two time periods 1977-78 and 1989-90. It utilizes data from the National Health Surveys conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the respective years.... The study found that the prevalence of morbidity increased in Australia between the survey years, which(More)
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