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Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma source at 50 keV, 30 mA proton current has been designed, fabricated, and assembled. Its plasma study has been done. Plasma chamber was excited with 350 W of microwave power at 2450 MHz, along with nitrogen and hydrogen gases. Microwave power was fed to the plasma chamber through waveguide. Plasma density and(More)
This paper deals with an anisotropic diffusion based noise removal technique which utilizes the new diffusion function based on tangent sigmoid function. A local edge indicator function based on local structure tensor is also used in the proposed technique, to reduce the noise and detection of edges in digital images. From the experimental results, we(More)
Freezing of a simple fluid in a disordered nanoporous carbon is studied using molecular simulations. Only partial crystallization occurs, and the confined phase is composed of crystalline and amorphous nanodomains. This freezing behavior departs strongly from that for nanopores of simple geometry. We present a method for analyzing the freezing in such(More)
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