Subir Singh Lamba

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In medical image processing, low contrast image analysis is a challenging problem. Low contrast digital images reduce the ability of observer in analyzing the image. Histogram based techniques are used to enhance contrast of all type of medical images. They are mainly used for all type of medical images such as for Mias-mammogram images, these methods are(More)
[1] G. S. Miminis and C. C. Paige, "An algorithm for pole assignment of timeinvariant multi-input linear systems," in Proc. 2lsf IEEE Con$ Decision Contr., FL, Dec. 1982, vol. 1. pp. 62-67. New York: IEEE Press, 1982. [2] R. V. Patel and P. Misra, Numerical algorithms for eigenvalue assignment by state feedback," Proc. IEEE, vol. 72. pp. 1755-1764, 1984.(More)
In this paper, our work is to focus on the almost sure connectivity properties of secure wireless sensor networks. We consider a wireless sensor network which is generated randomly using random key pre distribution scheme given by Eschenauer and Gligor under non-full visibilitys. Here, we consider a sensor network in 2-dimensional space, and a sequence(More)
A model reduction technique suggested in the above paper' is discnssed. Although the proposed method is very simple and devoid of any tedious calculations it is shown that the applicability of the technique is restricted. For t h e cases for which the procedure works the redaced order model matches the low-frequency response rather poorly. Tke proposed(More)
where ff = [z‘:w‘],rER and S = i2$<', F=A22-SA12, G = A2,SAU, Ai=[An:A}2\, ~,,ER . Other matrices are compatibly dimensioned. Again it should be noted that the dimension of the partitions in the matrices are not the same as in (1). Equation @I) represents an underdetermined set of (n — m) equations in n unknowns, and thus m entries in each eigenvector(More)
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