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Low-cost Private Education
In recent years developing countries have expanded their government education systems in an attempt to meet the Millennium Development Goals on education by 2015. One consequence has been a dramaticExpand
Children’s Development in the Digital Age
In what ways is the extremely rapid proliferation of digital technology in recent decades affecting children? The obvious benefits of technology in various walks of life have led to its use inExpand
Development in Early Childhood
‘Development in Early Childhood’ describes an extraordinary period of growth, development and learning spanning the first eight years of life. Understanding children’s development in their variedExpand
Child Development and Education in the Context of Family
Children’s development is a paramount concern of families and is also deeply influenced by them. Chapter 6, therefore, looks at child development and education in the context of family, beginning byExpand
Middle Childhood and Adolescence: Development and Learning
In middle childhood and adolescence, learning and skills are strengthened, the child’s social world expands and the foundation for identity development is laid. Participation in school is seen as aExpand
Literacy and Reading in Childhood and Beyond
Reading, and more importantly taking pleasure in reading, clearly lays the foundation for different aspects of a child’s future development. Literacy is a multidimensional process, often involvingExpand
Child Development and Education in the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction
The twenty-first century differs from earlier centuries in the dramatic nature and pace of changes witnessed. Whether in political, economic, social or cultural spheres, a globalized world hasExpand
Learning in Early Childhood
In this chapter, we begin by looking at principles and practices involved in enriching learning during early childhood, taking a view informed by the culture and context in which children grow.Expand
Education in a Changing World
The rapidity of transition we experience today is bringing great gains to humanity while also creating disruptions and generating uncertainties. New ways of living as well as new livelihoods will beExpand