Subir Sarkar

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Rain rate and rain attenuation predictions are one of the vital steps to be considered when analyzing a microwave satellite communication links at the Ku and Ka bands. In this paper, tools for the prediction of rain rate and rain attenuation are presented in the form of contour maps for Nigeria using a massive rainfall data bank of 30 years which are taken(More)
Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) of p-MOSFET parameters (threshold voltage, linear and saturation drain current, gate-drain capacitance, etc.) is becoming a serious reliability concern for digital and analog CMOS circuits. To maintain the current scaling trends, the understanding of the fundamental physics of failure mechanisms in p-MOSFETs is(More)
Higher instantaneous luminosity of the Tevatron Collider and improved detector and trigger effi-ciencies require large increases in computing power for the CDF experiment in order to be able to meet future needs of data analysis and MC production. So far, CDF has been relying on a set of Analysis Farms (CAFs) with dedicated resources of commodity nodes(More)
We present the results of a high-statistics equilibrium study of the folding/unfolding transition for the 20-residue mini-protein Trp-cage (TC5b) in water. The ECEPP/3 force field is used and the interaction with water is treated by a solvent-accessible surface area method. A Wang-Landau type simulation is used to calculate the density of states and the(More)
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