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A 26 year old male was impaled through his chest and upper abdomen with an iron angle, one and half meter long and five centimeters thick. The iron angle entered the chest, through the epigastrium and exited posteriorly just inferior to the angle of left scapula. The patient was transported to hospital with the iron angle in situ. Positioning the patient(More)
Static and dynamic structure factors and various transport coefficients are computed for a Lennard-Jones model of a binary fluid (A,B) with a symmetrical miscibility gap, varying both temperature and relative concentration of the mixture. The model is first equilibrated by a semi-grandcanonical Monte Carlo method, choosing the temperature and chemical(More)
A simulation study of the static and dynamic critical behavior of a symmetric binary Lennard-Jones mixture is briefly reviewed. Using a combination of semi-grand-canonical Monte Carlo (SGMC) and molecular dynamics (MD) methods near the critical temperature of liquid-liquid unmixing, the correlation length and " susceptibility " related to the critical(More)
We present results from Monte Carlo simulations of hysteresis in the zero-temperature ( T=0 ) dynamics of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick spin glass model. We study the statistics of magnetization-jumps (denoted as Deltam ) in response to a time-dependent magnetic field H (t) , which increases or decreases with constant increments Delta as H(t)-->H(t)+/-Delta .(More)
Via molecular dynamics simulations, we study kinetics in a Vicsek-like phase-separating active matter model. Quantitative results, for isotropic bicontinuous pattern, are presented on the structure, growth, and aging. These are obtained via the two-point equal-time density-density correlation function, the average domain length, and the two-time density(More)
  • Subir K Das
  • 2013
We present results for pattern formation and related dynamics in the two-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. Both single and multispiral morphologies have been considered. For the former, Hagan's solution has been tested. In case of the multispiral morphology, at a late time, depending upon certain parameter values, the dynamics is found to be(More)
The dynamics of ordering in the Ising model, following quench to zero temperature, has been studied via Glauber spin-flip Monte Carlo simulations in space dimensions d=2 and 3. One of the primary objectives has been to understand phenomena associated with the persistent spins, viz., time decay in the number of unaffected spins, growth of the corresponding(More)
Aging in kinetics of three different phase transitions, viz., magnetic, a binary solid, and a single component fluid, are studied via Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations in three space dimensions with the objective of identifying the effects of order-parameter conservation and hydrodynamics. We observe that the relevant autocorrelations exhibit(More)
A Lennard–Jones model of a binary dense liquid (A,B) with a symmetrical miscibility gap is investigated by means of computer simulation methods. Semigrand–canonical Monte Carlo simulations yield the phase diagram in the T –x plane (T : temperature, x: concentration of A or B particles) as well as equilibrated configurations at coexistence. Then Molecular(More)
We use molecular dynamics to study the kinetics of surface enrichment (SE) in a stable homogeneous mixture (AB), placed in contact with a surface which preferentially attracts A. The SE profiles show a characteristic double-exponential behavior with two length scales: ξ(-), which rapidly saturates to its equilibrium value, and ξ(+), which diverges as a(More)