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Alcohol abuse is a systemic disorder and increases the risk of lung injury. After ingestion, alcohol freely diffuses from the bronchial circulation directly through the ciliated epithelium where it vaporizes as it moves into the conducting airways. Some of vaporized alcohol can deposit back into the airway lining fluid and results in repeated exposure of(More)
Static and dynamic structure factors and various transport coefficients are computed for a Lennard-Jones model of a binary fluid (A,B) with a symmetrical miscibility gap, varying both temperature and relative concentration of the mixture. The model is first equilibrated by a semi-grandcanonical Monte Carlo method, choosing the temperature and chemical(More)
Via molecular dynamics simulations, we study kinetics in a Vicsek-like phase-separating active matter model. Quantitative results, for isotropic bicontinuous pattern, are presented on the structure, growth, and aging. These are obtained via the two-point equal-time density-density correlation function, the average domain length, and the two-time density(More)
The dynamics of ordering in the Ising model, following quench to zero temperature, has been studied via Glauber spin-flip Monte Carlo simulations in space dimensions d=2 and 3. One of the primary objectives has been to understand phenomena associated with the persistent spins, viz., time decay in the number of unaffected spins, growth of the corresponding(More)
Behavior of two-time autocorrelation during the phase separation in solid binary mixtures is studied via numerical solutions of the Cahn-Hilliard equation as well as Monte Carlo simulations of the Ising model. Results are analyzed via state-of-the-art methods, including the finite-size scaling technique. Full forms of the autocorrelation in space dimensions(More)
Publications are primarily a means of communicating scientific information to colleagues, but they are much more than that. Publications in peer reviewed journals are proof of academic competence, and are used as a crucial component in evaluation criteria for academic promotion and fund raising. These also increase the prestige of academic institution [1].(More)
Grapes are the richest source of antioxidants due to the presence of potent bioactive phytochemicals. In this study, the phytochemical contents, scavenging activities and protective role against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in liver tissue ex vivo of four grape (Vitis vinifera) cultivars extracts, namely Flame seedless (black), Kishmish chorni (black with(More)
We present results for pattern formation and related dynamics in the two-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. Both single and multispiral morphologies have been considered. For the former, Hagan's solution has been tested. In case of the multispiral morphology, at a late time, depending upon certain parameter values, the dynamics is found to be(More)
Aging in kinetics of three different phase transitions, viz., magnetic, a binary solid, and a single component fluid, are studied via Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations in three space dimensions with the objective of identifying the effects of order-parameter conservation and hydrodynamics. We observe that the relevant autocorrelations exhibit(More)