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This paper presents a Self-Reorganizing Slot Allocation (SRSA) mechanism for TDMA based Medium Access Control (MAC) in wireless sensor networks. With TDMA, a node can achieve significant energy savings by remaining active only during allocated slots for transmissions and receptions. In multi-cluster networks, it is often necessary for nodes to use either(More)
This paper presents a self-organizing medium access control (MAC) protocol framework for distributed sensor networks with arbitrary mesh topologies. The novelty of the proposed In-band self-organized MAC (ISOMAC) protocol lies in its in-band control mechanism for exchanging time-division multiple access (TDMA) slot information with distributed MAC(More)
This paper presents a novel medium access control protocol for inter-vehicle data transfer applications using the emerging dedicated short range communication (DSRC) standards. The main contributions of the paper are the design of a self-configuring TDMA protocol and its evaluation for inter-vehicle data transfer applications. A novel feature of the(More)