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This paper presents a Self-Reorganizing Slot Allocation (SRSA) mechanism for TDMA based Medium Access Control (MAC) in wireless sensor networks. With TDMA, a node can achieve significant energy savings by remaining active only during allocated slots for transmissions and receptions. In multi-cluster networks, it is often necessary for nodes to use either(More)
This paper presents a signaling and control architecture for mobility support in a \wireless ATM" network that provides integrated broadband services to mobile terminals. A system level protocol architecture for a wireless ATM network is outlined. The proposed protocol stack incorporates new wireless link MAC, DLC and wireless control sublayers, together(More)
In an optical mesh network, backup channels are shared between multiple lightpaths to reduce restoration capacity overhead. The sharability of channels is usually constrained by the mandate to provide 100% recovery of all lightpaths affected by any single event failure in the network. This paper proposes a pool based channel reservation scheme that is(More)