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This paper presents a Self-Reorganizing Slot Allocation (SRSA) mechanism for TDMA based Medium Access Control (MAC) in wireless sensor networks. With TDMA, a node can achieve significant energy savings by remaining active only during allocated slots for transmissions and receptions. In multi-cluster networks, it is often necessary for nodes to use either(More)
This paper presents the design, architecture, implementation, and experimental results from a networked mobile sensor test-bed developed for collaborative sensor tracking applications. The test-bed comprises a fleet of networked mobile sensors, an indoor localization system, a control, debugging and management infrastructure, and a tiered wireless ad hoc(More)
This paper presents a signaling and control architecture for mobility support in a \wireless ATM" network that provides integrated broadband services to mobile terminals. A system level protocol architecture for a wireless ATM network is outlined. The proposed protocol stack incorporates new wireless link MAC, DLC and wireless control sublayers, together(More)