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A morphology evolution of SnO(2) nanoparticles from low-energy facets (i.e., {101} and {110}) to high-energy facets (i.e., {111}) was achieved in a basic environment. In the proposed synthetic method, octahedral SnO(2) nanoparticles enclosed by high-energy {111} facets were successfully synthesized for the first time, and tetramethylammonium hydroxide was(More)
This paper presents a novel audio watermarking scheme to protect against unauthorized copy of digital audio content based on theory of spread spectrum and frequency-hopping spread spectrum. In order to improve the detection performance of the watermark, communication model is used to simulate and analyze the process of watermark embedding and detection.(More)
A digital certificate scheme in content protection system for high definition digital interfaces is proposed. Before transferring the encryption content, the device interface is firstly confirmed whether it is passed the certification. After the certification, then transfers the content. The interface of the receiver detects whether the recognition(More)
With the development of 3D display technology, the effect of 3D display attracts more and more attention. Vertical parallax is one of main factors that cause visual fatigue, and its evaluation methods are all subjective. In this paper, we investigate the use of electroencephalography (EEG) as a tool to evaluate vertical parallax, measuring the EEG response(More)
To effectively implement fair use and rights transfer of digital content in DRM(digital rights management) system, a usage control protocol model MUCON(Multi-UCON) using encryption, digital watermarking technology and traitor tracing technology based on UCON(usage control) is proposed, whose characteristics are feature binding, flexible authorization,(More)
Considering ultra wide band (UWB) system which transmits data information using ultra-short pulses, a pulse shape modulation UWB system based on orthogonal UWB pulse is proposed, which is on the basis of the orthogonality and non- direct component of modified Hermite polynomial function. The simulation result shows that the method can not only improve the(More)
The problem of secure operation system risk management is difficult to evaluate quantitatively, a quantitatively risk assessment model for the operating system is proposed in this paper. Through introducing the risk matrix, putting the information safety risk assessment as the risk evaluation model by experts matrix. Borda rule and AHP (Analytic Hierarchy(More)
The digital TV as the terminal equipment, the construction of interactive platform is a beginning of the digital television industry chain, to ensure that sustainable and healthy development of subsequent interaction business. Based on Widget technology, this paper proposes a new kind of interactive digital television platform system architecture, which(More)
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