Subimal Chatterjee

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The authors investigate how critics affect the box office performance of films and how the effects may be moderated by stars and budgets. The authors examine the process through which critics affect box office revenue, that is, whether they influence the decision of the film going public (their role as influencers), merely predict the decision (their role(More)
The dearth of trained mental health professionals and the huge gap in providing accessible services in many low- and middle-income countries have led to the identification of alternate providers of care in these countries. Community mental health teams seem to fill this lacuna in some of these places. This editorial addresses issues of the need for such(More)
and Devon DelVecchio for their many helpful comments on an earlier draft. Abstract Focusing too intently on mathematics can impede behavioral science by impairing recognition of dubious theory while enticing quantitative representations thereof, exercises that then distract from the search for more valid theoretical alternatives. Just as modeling(More)
Stremersch and the participants of a research seminar at Tilburg University for their valuable comments on previous versions of this paper. Abstract Research on innovation adoption bas suffered from a bias towards td~&nding the factors that affect the dichotomous adoptiotinon-adoption decision. Much less attention is devoted to the question why potaha(More)
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