Subijit Mondal

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Now a days with the rapid development of multimedia technologies, research on safety and security are becoming more important. Multimedia data are generated and transmitted through the communication channels and the wireless media. The efficiencies of encryption based on different existing algorithms are not up to the satisfactory limit. Hence researchers(More)
In this paper a parametric study on characteristics of a planar metal antenna in vicinity of a homogenous human head at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz are carried out. Initially the planar metal antenna is designed at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. The impedance and radiation characteristics of these antennas are shown in free space and in proximity of a human head. Also(More)
In this paper a shorted planar meander-line metal antenna (SPMMA) is designed at 2.45 GHz by modifying the radiating element of a shorted planar rectangular metal antenna (SPRMA). The shorting strip reduces 40% size of the meander-line antenna and the size of the SPMMA is 16% shorter compared to that of SPRMA. The reflection coefficient, gain and efficiency(More)
In this paper, a study of existing Exact Algorithm on microwave tomography of high contrast biological model for different sets of transmitting beamwidth has been proposed. Quantitative results of reconstructed images of normal semi human sized numerical model are also presented to exhibit the range of perturbations of complex permittivity of biological(More)
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