Subhrajit Pradhan

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With the rapid growth of power system and the increase in their complexity of the networks, load forecasting plays a vital role in economic operation of power systems, network planning and infrastructure development. Electricity demand forecasting is concerned with the prediction of a very short term, short term, medium term and long term load demand,(More)
In this paper, a simple and dynamic wavelet-based algorithm is presented for enhancement of the image sharpness or blurriness of an Image. Four set of methods are followed here (Denoising, Decomposition, Sharpness Estimation, and Filtering). First Denoising is done on the input images and then it operates by initially decomposing the input image through a(More)
Digital Watermarking is a process of embedding information in the multimedia content (host or cover image) for image authentication. An ideal watermarking system would embed an amount of information that could not be removed or altered without making the cover object entirely unusable. Over the past few years digital watermarking has become popular due to(More)
Now a day’s one of the critical issues in a thermal power plant is to improve the efficiency of individual equipment. The various works found in literature shows that efficiency and availability depends on high reliability and maintainability of the equipments. But in present scenario with the concept of e– maintenance reduces the overall maintenance cost.(More)
Power distribution systems play an important role in modern society. Increasing size and capacity of power systems have rendered them more complex which in turn has led to reduced reliability of such systems. Power distribution systems are always prone to faults. Faults in power systems are generally due to short circuits, lightning etc. Fast and proper(More)
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