Subhra Bose

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The service oriented architecture (SOA) provides a methodology for designing software systems by integrating loosely coupled services. Compared to traditional distributed object-oriented architectures, SOA is more suitable to integrate heterogeneous systems, and more adaptable in a changing environment. This paper presents the design and implementation of a(More)
The inherent characteristics of Web-based communication could be used to extend the "gallery metaphor", of lack of discrete boundaries, idiosyncrasies of transmission of information and an interface-driven environment. Part of the attraction for placing art on the Web related to the scope for interaction and feedback from a viewer base that would not(More)
– Brownian-dynamics computer simulations show a dynamical crossover in a strongly interacting colloidal suspension consisting of oppositely driven particles, wherein a uniform state transforms, with increasing driving force, into a locally demixed state characterized by strongly anisotropic stripe-like domains which are homogeneous in the direction parallel(More)
Trade negotiation applications generally involve complex business logic and data transactions, and due to their mission critical nature, they are required to be highly scalable, reliable and available. In this paper, we describe a structured approach to design and implement a trade negotiation framework based on state transition machines, in particular we(More)
Advective disk paradigm of black hole accretion includes self-consistent formation of shocks and outflows from post-shock region. We apply this paradigm to understand rich variation of the light curve of the black hole candidate GRS1915+105. We propose that out of five possible fundamental states the black hole candidate GRS1915+105 moves around among three(More)
Trading systems are used widely in the financial industry. A trading system must implement the complex business process correctly, and provide good interoperability with clients and legacy systems in different organizations. In addition, it has to be highly scalable and reliable. How to develop a trading system that meets all these requirements with low(More)
The black hole candidate GRS 1915+105 exhibits a rich variety of variability. Assuming that the earlier paradigm of black hole accretion which includes a shock is applicable for this system as well, one can classify these variabilities into four classes. We present light curves of these classes and discuss the basis of our
Graphene, an allotrope of carbon is a two-dimensional sheet of covalently bonded carbon atoms that has been attracting great attention in the field of electronics. In a recent review graphene is defined as a flat monolayer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a 2-D honeycomb lattice. A survey has been made of the production processes and instrumentation for(More)