Subhendu Mandal

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We propose a general framework of a hierarchical structure, consisting of several levels of activities, for typical software related corporate hierarchy using multi-agent system. This work identifies the functionality of each level. Each and every level is considered as agent who is described further using fuzzy analysis. Our framework consists of six(More)
Compression is one of the major topics in the field of research as it is used for storing data in a lesser storage space of the repository. Compression is furthermore required in case of sending data from source to destination through network (internet or intranet). The time required is less in case of sending fewer amounts of data. So, compression is a(More)
We propose an advanced method for downloading Webpages from the Internet. In this technique, the whole system is considered as a bundle of crawlers which have been created dynamically at execution time. Numbers of crawlers are used depending on the requirement of downloading Webpages. The software module which interacts with WWW to search one or more(More)
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