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Gap junction provides low resistance pathways for cell-to-cell passive diffusion of ions, metabolites, second messengers etc. and thus, controls development, differentiation in embryonic tissues, and communication in adult tissues. It has been pointed out in our previous work that these passive diffusion channels behave cooperatively which in turn depends(More)
Collective behaviour of a crown ether channel, bis[(benzo-15-crown-5)-15- yl methyl] pimelate, in a planar lipid bilayer membrane has been studied through electrophysiological methods. A characteristic feature of these channels is their sequential opening, indicated by a uniform stepwise increase in the multi-channel current. The experimental results show(More)
Collective behavior of S6 peptide channels derived from KvAP (a bacterial potassium channel) incorporated in lipid bilayer membrane, has been investigated at various applied potentials through multi-channel electrophysiological experiments. The current versus time traces at any particular membrane potential show clear steps for sequential opening of the(More)
Dynamics of exploratory behaviour of rats and home base establishment is investigated. Time series of instantaneous speed of rats was computed from their position during exploration. The probability distribution function (PDF) of the speed obeys a power law distribution with exponents ranging from 2.1 to 2.32. The PDF of the recurrence time of large speed(More)
Ion channel-protein complexes inserted in the membrane act as molecular gates for transport across the membrane. The opening and closing of these gates can be controlled by one or more variables like ligands (small molecules, proteins, etc.), transmembrane voltage, and the concentration gradient of a chemical across the membrane. We have shown how current(More)
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